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Clinical Solutions of South Florida, LLC
Expert Consultation for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Providers​​

Confidential & Compassionate Counseling for Adults, Children and Families

​Lynne Healey, LMHC, QS, CAP, MPS
​CEO and Clinical Director

​6310 NW 24th St. Boca Raton, Fl 33434

Lynne Healey
Clinical Director & CEO   
  • Our mission is to offer highly motivated individuals counseling and guidance tailored towards each person's unique needs and goals.  We work with families and client's to develop personalized wellness plans to incorporate recovery of the mind, body and spirit.
  • ​We supervise interns towards licensure.
  • We help investors & owners build state of the art substance abuse and mental health facilities.
  • ​We offer a variety of groups and trainings for staff and client's to improve quality of care in behavioral health settings.​
  • We help programs with credentialing & audit preparation 
  • ​We fill key leadership roles such as clinical director, human resource director, training and development director.

 We assist individuals and families in finding solutions and peace. We help investors and owners build and offer elite, quality substance abuse and mental health programs

Counseling and Consultation Focused on

Expert Consultation and Guidance

We offer expert consultation to mental health and substance abuse providers including the following:

  • Programming Development and credentialing
  • Audit preparation and correctve action plans
  • Quality Assurance and medical charting support
  • Per Diem and contract agreements for clinical director, human resource director and other key management slots
  • Qualified Supervision for LMHC, CAP and LMFT interns

Individual, Couples and Family Counseling.​​

I believe there are angels on earth.  I have been blessed with special people stepping into my life at some of my weakest moments.  I know today that none of these incidents and none of the people who came my way were coincidents.  God will use people here on earth to help us if we let that help occur. 

I consider every person who I counsel and work with to be a miracle and an opportunity to work together and do God's will.  Every single person I have had in counseling has taught me new lessons.  Every person has a unique story and purpose in life. 

I founded Clinical Solutions of South Florida, LLC to help motivated individuals and families find solutions and peace.  I will work along side anyone willing to face the barriers and fear that stands between them and freedom.  Addiction and mental illness can be overcome with love, hard work and letting someone in to help you.  We don't judge.  We start at ground zero and we move forward.  If you can find a spark of hope, we can help you build a life beyond your wildest dreams.


​Lynne Healey, LMHC, QS, CAP, MPS
​CEO & Clinical Director
​Clinical Solutions of South Florida, LLC
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